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Stefano Corozza Report November 2022

Friday, November 18, 2022

Stefano & Antonella Corazza                            

via Pio Rajna, 24

00124 Rome (Italy)

Phone: (+39) 328-3926689

Email: [email protected]

Bible Web Page: www.chiesadicristoroma.net



Rome, November 9, 2022

Dear brothers in Him,

my wife Antonella and I hope to find all of you in good health and enjoying the wonderful God’s blessings.  We would like once again to share with you all our sincere feeling of thankfulness for the opportunity given us to preach the gospel also in a city as Rome, the actual and evident expression of modern paganism masked by “Christianity”.  Despise all this, we’re trying to do our best in reaching as many as possible to the Lord, announcing His Truth in all boldness and honesty.  Your support and patient fellowship are making those efforts possible.


PERSONAL NEWS.   I’ll try to update you about my recent heart test.  Monday November 7th, I went into hospital to have a coronographic check, as I wrote you in the October report.  Some values in my blood tests evidenced a couple of obstruction in two arteries, so I had a TAC to the heart which confirmed the diagnosis.  However, the coronographic test set the problem at 30%, and not at 60% according to the TAC.  So, the doctor did not set any stent or else: according to the test I’m fine; I only must take my cholesterol level down to solve the problem, or at least to contain it.  After a night in the hospital, I went back home, ready to catch back my normal life and activities.

The COVID situation in our Country is still creating some problems and worries but in general everything seems to be going OK.  Nobody talks about pandemic times anymore.  However, we are still trying to use the necessary safety rules.

Our daughter Valeria and her family are doing fine.  Our grandchildren (Alessandro 8 years, Alice 6, Samuele 3) are doing fine. They are busy with their academic and sport activities. They are a true joy for my wife and I.

Our son Paolo is also doing well with his new job location in Milan. He also is really busy with EasyJet flights but in a couple of weeks he will have some days off from work so he will come down to spend some days in Rome.

LOCAL PREACHING ACTIVITY.  Our local preaching activity is keeping on fine.  We’re busy to realize our teaching and preaching programs, and all is going according to our plans. We still have some brethren that, due to age, physical problems, or personal choices, are following our services and studies through Zoom. We hope to be soon all together again, to personally live our spiritual fellowship.

I’m still working each week on my personal Bible studies program with Gianluca, Maurizio, Michel, Luca, Clelia, Paoliana. I just started to study also with Pierpaolo Papini, a new member of our congregation.  I think that is an important work in preparing young generations to stand for Truth.

We have new visitors and members, joining us.  Amedeo Fiorilli become member among us.  Grazia, Gionathan (a young son of our member Jaqueline) and his girlfriend Helena (from Colombia) are attending to our Sunday worship showing with great attention. I should soon start a personally weekly study with all three of them.

For work reasons, one of our young ones, Michel, was moved temporarily (at least one month, but maybe three) to Lion, France. He’s trying to follow us through Zoom.

I’m also trying to organize the children’s Bible classes, training the young members to be involved in the regular teaching, under my wife’s supervision. In different ages, we have 9 young ones to distribute in different class age.

On Thursday evening, I am still teaching the James letter, while on Sunday, after worship, I’m still commenting the gospel of Mark; at the end of it, I’ll start teaching from the book of Hebrews.

Our general attendance is around 42 (including those brethren that join us from home through Zoom).

From Nov. 13 to 20th, we will have the joy to see again David Thomley, a close friend of our work. He will preach for us Thursday evening and Sunday.  I’m really glad to share again with him our common fellowship in the preaching.



October 9, h. 10 AM: “Death and Life (2 Corinthians 4:1-15)”

October 16, h. 10 AM: “The rich fool (Luke 12:13-21)”

October 23, h. 10 AM: “Psalm 115: spirituality on earth”

October 30, h. 10 AM: “Taking the right decisions (John 6:67-68)”


VISITORS FROM OTHER CHURCHES.  We had the joy to meet some brethren coming from US churches, and a couple from Chile.  Loren & Suzanne Parker (Blain, WA); Kurt & Nancy Lindsay (Tucson, AZ); Damaris Rojas Vengara & Hno Cesar Morales (Puente Alto, CHILE).  We thank those brethren for their encouraging visit.

Thanks again for your trust and patient fellowship in this work.  All the brethren in Rome salute you and send their best love and greetings.

Antonella, Valeria and Paolo send their good wishes.  God may continue to bless us in His Kingdom.  Be safe and stay well in Him.

“They of Italy salute you”.

Stefano Corazza



Ricky Shanks October 2022 Report

Sunday, November 06, 2022

Report from “Ricky” William Shanks in Gainesville GA
4565 Persian Trail; Gainesville, GA 30507; Phones: 843-569-8729-Home; 843-725-9283-Cell

Website: AnswersFromTheBible.ORG - Dial A Bible Study: 770-835-4000 (Ext. 3 for Spanish.) Gainesville church of Christ (GCOC.org) 2815 Wallace Rd. Gainesville GA 30507 meeting location.

October 2022


The efforts to find those who “ask , seek and knock” are continuing. The UNG efforts have slowed down this month due to fall break and weather. Never the less, the studies with repeat students continue to get deeper and more pointed to helping them into Christ. Some study sessions go over 2 hours at a time. There are now over a dozen that I periodically study with. They continue to show great promise. Most of them live 30 minutes to two hours away and commute to the campus.

A year ago I studied with a sharp young man named Tim. He took careful notes. At the end of the study he repeated points that we had read from the Bible. Encouraging right? Then he said, “that is the most hopeless teaching I have ever heard.” He was a strong Calvinist. Fully convinced of once saved always saved. I went over a couple of other verses where God give us the hope as we walk in Him as we repent of sins we commit. Well, fast forward a year. He is still on campus and the more I saw him the more my heart was compelled to prepare a study on the subject that is very clear and compelling us to know how to have hope in Christ. It included over 2 dozen passages to show what God has to say about eternal security. The next time I saw him I gave him a copy of it. He studied through it...but with a view to rebuttal it. He did not stop there he actually copied it and gave it out to a room of his Baptist friends and tried to tear it apart. I’m thrilled he did that. Even though his motive was wrong and he did not submit to the teaching from God’s word, I can’t help but think God will use this for good. I think that some of those young people might have a good and honest heart and will study the many verses and come to the truth. It has already resulted in a 2 hour study with one of the young people who sees the error of Calvinism.

The two Brenau students (J & J) still seemed to be interested but severely distracted. Recently a couple of saints made harsh comments about ungodly behaviors in the world. It hampered and may have destroyed their seeking after more Bible studies. Hopefully they will not let those kind of distractions sidetrack their pursuit of God. Please pray for these efforts that they will follow through with their obedience to God.

The business cards shown in last month’s report have been very useful. 100’s have been given out personally face to face and left places like gas pumps and waiting areas. In October there were over 600 videos downloaded from website. I also made banners, car magnets and yard signs made. But the QR code somehow changed from what was put on the card. Which made the QR code useless. I’m in the process of doing them over. This time making certain it is correct each step of the process. I did not even notice until I took a picture of the set up table and my phone gave me a unknown message. I have no idea how it changed on the magnets, signs and banners.

The flock has continues to slowly grow (swell). All three of our deacons are very reliable and responsible. Which enables everything to be moving in the right direction.

Janice and I are well. The only hiccups are age related. To God be the glory, Ricky

Robert Raif September 2022 Report

Sunday, November 06, 2022


Dear Beloved Brethren,





I pray that you are all well and pressing on in the Lord’s service. I am thankful that the Lord has opened the door back into the prison. We are meeting in a very small room, but we got 15 in there. We are supposed to move to a little bigger room soon. God has given us an open door. Pray for more open doors.

I spent my 4th week at the prison this morning with 15 men. We have a two hour session studying what the Bible says about being real men. Not about physical strength or popularity, but about being the kind of men the Bible describes. We are using Robert Harkrider’s book “I Sought For A Man.” It is, of course, Biblical, and it teaches the responsibilities of man as God created Him. Ten of these are Christians, and the others are searchers who have been studying with us for several years.

In Corrigan, I study with Curtis and then with Charlie on Fridays. They were both baptized. They probably won’t ever become leaders or teachers, but they bring joy to our group. I went door-knocking afterward and found a few people home and used the bulletin that we mail out as a door opener. But, there have been no takers when asking them for a home study. But they know where we are and that we have an interest in them. We just keep sowing the seed and the Lord will bring the growth.

Now that I study with 15 at the prison, I won’t be doing Correspondence courses with these men. That will free up some of my time. I have fallen behind in that area.

There have been 5 typhoons that have wiped out the food supply in the northern part of the Filipino islands. Rice, corn, bananas, etc. in some parts are totally gone. They are now really crying out for food. Just like the Jerusalem brethren, these and the Zimbabwe brethren seem to be the ones almost constantly in need. One preacher’s wife (Loli) has to cook under an umbrella because the tin roof over their stove is so leaky. Another preacher and his wife (Jimmy and Eden) have to spend a day cleaning out the water after every rain. They just don’t have the money to fix the damage that the typhoon caused years ago. But these feel blessed because they have homes, whereas some brethren are still living in tents after earthquakes destroyed their villages three years ago. This way of giving is much better than any Red Cross or other human benevolence Company. 100% of what you give goes to the ones in need, and it goes to brethren. Please give when you can!

Thank you so much, my beloved brethren, for standing with me in sharing the gospel with others and encouraging the saints here in Corrigan. My needs are fully supplied. Let’s pray that the Lord of Harvest sends for reapers and pray for open doors.

In Him who saves, Robert Raif

(Read on for more information on the benevolent work to those overseas.)

Here is the aid sent out for September. Over $5500 was sent. Some is for support of preachers. Most of these men are out almost every day teaching house to house and often baptizing - - sometimes 1, sometimes 4, and sometimes in the teens at one gospel meeting. They need money for their house, food for the family, and petrol to go and spread the truth. The first number is the benevolence, and the second number is for the preachers’ support.

600 300 Kudakwashe Bangure. 200 400 Brighton Makurudza.

500 300 Kule Bisathu

200 300 John Ositu.


100 200 500 300 100 500 400 500 0 400 0 200 0 150 200 0

Glenn Fiesta.

Manny Pader.
Simeon Vargas.
Jimmy Domingo.
Rosendo Gumpad.
Andy M Dappas.
Felipe Jr Tan Tula.
Zurdan & Fe Baliog. The family of 3 were down for 8 weeks with the Monkey


300 200 Jose Ruiz.
120 0 Paulita Lopez. She has lingering medical needs from Covid damage.

David Guerrero Report June 2022

Sunday, August 14, 2022

dear brothers, I greet you in the holy and glorious name of our Lord Jesus Christ, wishing you are in good health, and also that you are enjoying great spiritual prosperity.
I am pleased to be able to address you through this email, to make you participate in the good news from Peru.
Thanks to the goodness of our God, my family and I are quite well, and in good spirits to continue working in the work of the Lord.
after a tour of the northern churches, such as ZAMBA, chepén and catacaos where we were confirming the spirits of many brothers made 14:22, and preaching the gospel, to persuade men of sin, we were greatly blessed and full of joy at see the obedience to the gospel on the part of four people in ZAMBA who were added to the kingdom of our lord jesus christ acts 2:47, and if the kingdom continues to expand in this part of the world, thanks be given to our God.
Here are the names of our new brothers in Christ.
Clarita Calderon Mondragon, 27 years old, Cunyarache Castillo, Mercedez, 68 years old, Maicol Pintado Pintado, 13 years old, and Nerlly Jiménez, 15 years old, all of them from ZAMBA. participation of many brothers who directly accompany us on these trips and also to you my beloved brothers who are indirectly working with us, because with your help you greatly contribute to the spread and preaching of the gospel.
I return my deepest gratitude to each one of you and I pray that our GOD continues to bless you abundantly, if the Lord grants us another chance of life I will be reporting good news in the future, I hope you can rejoice with the photos of our new brothers,
please excuse these short news from this server.
Sincerely: David Guerrero Ayala.

Joe Hamm Q3 2022 Report

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Christ’s church


Hamilton, AL

Move To Quarterly Reporting

I have recently come to the conclusion that quarterly reporting is best suited for my work here in Alabama. I hope my readers will be supportive of this change. When I worked in the city, the work was very fast paced. New adventures, new dangers, and many new contacts. There was always “something new” to report! However, in my current work, there are months that pass in which I’m involved in the same things. I continue to study, preach, and teach. I interact with many of the same contacts. We continue to experience the burdens of caregiving and parenthood.

Appreciation For Rural Work

Like many young preachers, I was initially attracted to large cities. We all want to be involved in important work and urban evangelism has received as much attention as foreign evangelism in recent years. Many rural works have been characterized as old and dying. However, I’ve developed a greater appreciation for rural living. There has been a different set of challenges. One challenge involves people moving out of rural areas for school and work. However, online learning and remote work opportunities are allowing more Christians to leave the city for various reasons. Some desire greater safety and security for their family. Others are choosing to care for aging parents. And as governments become more wicked and oppressive, we are seeing more Christians flee to the “wilderness” in order to lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness.

Preaching Updates

I recently had the opportunity to present a series of lessons to the brethren meeting on 4th St in Cullman, AL. The series was an exposition of John’s epistles (1-3 John). These lessons are available at www.4thstreetchurchofchrist.com. I

3rd Quarter 2022

also presented a series on Colossians to the Northside church in Brilliant, AL. For these lessons, visit www.churchofchristnorthside.net. On Sundays, I’m preaching a series through the book of Mark. I’ve been particularly interested in how the overall narrative fits together and allowing applications to arise more naturally from the context. I want the focus of every sermon to be the focus of God’s Word.

The Mute Shall Sing

An older couple who worships with us has been caring for their adult son, Jim, after a major stroke. Jim has lived a wayward life. The church rallied around the family for prayer and support. At first, Jim was expected to die. Then, he began to make slow progress. He was unable to walk, speak, or feed himself. We continued to pray and visit the home. As months passed, Jim improved. He began attending worship and bible studies with his parents. While he was unable to communicate his ideas, he began singing joyously with the brethren. He listened intently to the preaching and teaching. Finally, he communicated to his parents he wanted to confess his sins and seek God’s forgiveness. With the help of his father, they addressed the congregation. I’m not sure how much the stroke or the years of hard living will affect Jim’s recovery. However, I know the Lord can use a stroke to bring a child home. I also believe God’s Word and Spirit can give Jim a new heart. Pray that Jim may recovery and proclaim God’s glory to others (Isaiah 35:3-6).

Building Relationships

Brethren from the 4th St. church in Cullman, AL came to help us work on the meeting space. We worked together doing demolition work and priming the walls and ceilings. This was a great opportunity to get to know these brethren better. We are very thankful for their visit!

page1image2300232656 page1image2300232960

~ Joe Hamm ~

Your Help Is Needed

1 Personal Growth 2 As I mentioned previous, our family of nine (soon to be 10) has been living in my grandfather’s 2 bedroom house for over 8 months. The kids continue to grow. My wife continues to grow

more pregnant. Hopefully, our patience continues to grow, but some days it diminishes. I contacted the same contractor mentioned above to help us complete our home renovation. Phase 1 of the remodel should be completed by Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, he won’t be able to complete our home addition for a year and a half! We were disappointed, but continue to trust in the Lord’s provision and timing.

In the mean time, pray for our growth...both spiritual and numerical. The Lord teaches through every personal trial.

Stay strong in the faith!

Joe Hamm

151 Chestnut Circle Hamilton, AL 35570 256-398-0225 [email protected]


The work is plentiful, but the laborers are few. In order to complete the building project in a timely manner, I think we need to hire some help. The church as been meeting in our home for about 8 months. It has been a joy and great blessing, but also an added burden on my family. We live in a small home and the size of our family makes keeping things tidy very difficult. After Fiona has the baby in November, we’ll be unable to open our home for at least several weeks while she recovers. I would like to relieve her of this burden as soon as possible.

I have contacted a local contractor who has agreed to help. The total cost for labor and materials will be $25k. Brethren have already committed $12k for the material costs. If you are in a position to help us complete the project, please let me know.

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