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Evangelists' Updates

“Robert Raif May Report”

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THE WORK IN CORRIGAN, TEXAS [email protected]

Dear Brethren,




We offer up prayers to our Creator for you every day. We pray for your health and well being, but more importantly for your standing fast in the Lord. And not just to stand, but “excel still more!” (1 Th 4:10).

It is said that there is on average a 60% recidivism rate across America. This means 60% of the prisoners that are released from prison return there having committed another crime. Some years ago, Texas stopped just warehousing the offenders and started teaching them how to change their thinking and to help prepare them for the outside world through education, because it is a BIG adjustment. In Texas, the recidivism rate has dropped to 37%. Among the “faith-based” groups, it is 10%!

It is such a privilege to help make a difference in the lives of some men. Some in the prison are surely bad to the bone and enjoy just living life they way they want it, and no one is going to tell them what to do. Others have made some bad choices - - some just ONE bad choice. Others got addicted to this or that - - either a pattern of life or to substances.

Since I can’t meet with my classes at the prison, I’ve started sending my sermons and bulletins and offering correspondence courses. WOW! Almost all 36 of my students have responded with letters of appreciation - - and even write “love” as they sign their name. About 13 so far have responded to doing the first lesson of the course. Some are expressing their thanks to me for caring enough for them to teach, and to you brethren who make it possible for me to be there. I thank you too!

One of those men is James Gee. I just love this guy. He about 68 and is so gentle and humble and such a sincere smile always. He is upset when Christians there waste time playing dominoes, and cards, and watching TV. All he does is read his Bible. He wrote that my coming there saved him. He has served 31 years of a 45 years sentence for aggravated kidnapping! I would have never thought.

Most of these guys have a sentence of 40 years are more. Some have a life sentences, or life without parole. Seven are in there for murder, aggravated assault, or organized crime, but you would never think it. Three or four of these probably never will get out. Art Moody went with me several times and was just amazed how nice and polite they are. He taught the class when I couldn’t make it and was impressed with their knowledgeable Bible answers and their kindness.

Six of my students have been released, all but one is doing well. He got involved in drugs again and is back. Two can’t worship with churches because of their crimes, but they are good men following the law. Eric works 50 to 60 hours a week, and the plant manager wants him there every day because he is the most dependable worker and most honest. John got out a month ago and I got him hooked up with a good church in San Antonio and I think he will go far. Right now he is doing baby-steps.

Well, I’m out of space. The Corrigan church has been meeting all month, spacial distancing as much as we can, and things are going well. Thank you brethren so, so much for your support - - financially and your encouraging remarks. Let us keep praying for open doors!

Yours in Him who saves, Robert