Evangelists' Updates

Evangelists' Updates

“Joe Hamm Q3 2022 Report”

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Hamilton, AL

Move To Quarterly Reporting

I have recently come to the conclusion that quarterly reporting is best suited for my work here in Alabama. I hope my readers will be supportive of this change. When I worked in the city, the work was very fast paced. New adventures, new dangers, and many new contacts. There was always “something new” to report! However, in my current work, there are months that pass in which I’m involved in the same things. I continue to study, preach, and teach. I interact with many of the same contacts. We continue to experience the burdens of caregiving and parenthood.

Appreciation For Rural Work

Like many young preachers, I was initially attracted to large cities. We all want to be involved in important work and urban evangelism has received as much attention as foreign evangelism in recent years. Many rural works have been characterized as old and dying. However, I’ve developed a greater appreciation for rural living. There has been a different set of challenges. One challenge involves people moving out of rural areas for school and work. However, online learning and remote work opportunities are allowing more Christians to leave the city for various reasons. Some desire greater safety and security for their family. Others are choosing to care for aging parents. And as governments become more wicked and oppressive, we are seeing more Christians flee to the “wilderness” in order to lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness.

Preaching Updates

I recently had the opportunity to present a series of lessons to the brethren meeting on 4th St in Cullman, AL. The series was an exposition of John’s epistles (1-3 John). These lessons are available at www.4thstreetchurchofchrist.com. I

3rd Quarter 2022

also presented a series on Colossians to the Northside church in Brilliant, AL. For these lessons, visit www.churchofchristnorthside.net. On Sundays, I’m preaching a series through the book of Mark. I’ve been particularly interested in how the overall narrative fits together and allowing applications to arise more naturally from the context. I want the focus of every sermon to be the focus of God’s Word.

The Mute Shall Sing

An older couple who worships with us has been caring for their adult son, Jim, after a major stroke. Jim has lived a wayward life. The church rallied around the family for prayer and support. At first, Jim was expected to die. Then, he began to make slow progress. He was unable to walk, speak, or feed himself. We continued to pray and visit the home. As months passed, Jim improved. He began attending worship and bible studies with his parents. While he was unable to communicate his ideas, he began singing joyously with the brethren. He listened intently to the preaching and teaching. Finally, he communicated to his parents he wanted to confess his sins and seek God’s forgiveness. With the help of his father, they addressed the congregation. I’m not sure how much the stroke or the years of hard living will affect Jim’s recovery. However, I know the Lord can use a stroke to bring a child home. I also believe God’s Word and Spirit can give Jim a new heart. Pray that Jim may recovery and proclaim God’s glory to others (Isaiah 35:3-6).

Building Relationships

Brethren from the 4th St. church in Cullman, AL came to help us work on the meeting space. We worked together doing demolition work and priming the walls and ceilings. This was a great opportunity to get to know these brethren better. We are very thankful for their visit!

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~ Joe Hamm ~

Your Help Is Needed

1 Personal Growth 2 As I mentioned previous, our family of nine (soon to be 10) has been living in my grandfather’s 2 bedroom house for over 8 months. The kids continue to grow. My wife continues to grow

more pregnant. Hopefully, our patience continues to grow, but some days it diminishes. I contacted the same contractor mentioned above to help us complete our home renovation. Phase 1 of the remodel should be completed by Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, he won’t be able to complete our home addition for a year and a half! We were disappointed, but continue to trust in the Lord’s provision and timing.

In the mean time, pray for our growth...both spiritual and numerical. The Lord teaches through every personal trial.

Stay strong in the faith!

Joe Hamm

151 Chestnut Circle Hamilton, AL 35570 256-398-0225 [email protected]


The work is plentiful, but the laborers are few. In order to complete the building project in a timely manner, I think we need to hire some help. The church as been meeting in our home for about 8 months. It has been a joy and great blessing, but also an added burden on my family. We live in a small home and the size of our family makes keeping things tidy very difficult. After Fiona has the baby in November, we’ll be unable to open our home for at least several weeks while she recovers. I would like to relieve her of this burden as soon as possible.

I have contacted a local contractor who has agreed to help. The total cost for labor and materials will be $25k. Brethren have already committed $12k for the material costs. If you are in a position to help us complete the project, please let me know.

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