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Evangelists' Updates

“Ricky Shanks July 2022 Report”

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Report from “Ricky” William Shanks in Gainesville GA
4565 Persian Trail; Gainesville, GA 30507; Phones: 843-569-8729-Home; 843-725-9283-Cell

Website: AnswersFromTheBible.ORG - Dial A Bible Study: 770-835-4000 (Ext. 3 for Spanish.) Gainesville church of Christ (GCOC.org) 2815 Wallace Rd. Gainesville GA 30507 meeting location.

June 2022

As schools start to open again there should be a real concern with our families who serve God. It seems that our enemy has secured a way to undermine the good nurturing that godly parents have tried to give their children. A title wave of secret efforts in many areas of our nation have undone a lot of the good foundation that parents have laid. In single parent homes it is even more fragile. Home schoolers have largely prevented it from causing so much damage. But even with extracurricular activities the other kids who have been affected by such, seem to be ambassadors for such perversions. I’m sure most of you know this. But this has compelled me to seek out the young people in the flock to give focused attention with them to help the parents a little in establishing the godly foundation with their kids. Especially to be alert of these things right before school begins. I’ve seen many young people through the years of working camps and homes of saints suffer so much from how their children turned out. It breaks my heart. This is why Janice and I feel compelled to give time and energy to try and help.

Efforts return back on UNG campus studying with college kids. Even though they are in college to prepare for their future, most clearly are hopeless. Of course, God gives hope. In a couple of weeks the campus will be full of students. Please pray that those who seek such hope will join our efforts. The most consistent student is trying to get his family to agree to a bible study with me as well.

Tammy continues to find people for us to have studies with. She is personally tormented with the ungodly behaviors in the college she works with, which is full blown “wokeness.” Yet we encourage her that it will make her light shine even more bright. Which gives her more confidence. She is less that 3 years old in the faith and is still vulnerable, so we keep close watch over her and her son. May she continue to grow and help many others find God’s path of righteousness.

The studies mentioned in last month’s report have seemed to fizzle. Hopefully they will agree to continue but not yet. Summertime distractions still are prevalent and discouraging to consistent studies.

The local flock is at peace and has grown with another family identifying with us. They hope we will help their daughter to also yield to serving the Lord. We are seeking a way to study with them and pray her and her husband will cast their hope in God.

We thank God for your encouraging us in the work in this area. May our Lord of the harvest bring much fruit to you and here as well.

To His glory, Ricky