Evangelists' Updates

Evangelists' Updates

“Robert Raif September 2022 Report”

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Dear Beloved Brethren,





I pray that you are all well and pressing on in the Lord’s service. I am thankful that the Lord has opened the door back into the prison. We are meeting in a very small room, but we got 15 in there. We are supposed to move to a little bigger room soon. God has given us an open door. Pray for more open doors.

I spent my 4th week at the prison this morning with 15 men. We have a two hour session studying what the Bible says about being real men. Not about physical strength or popularity, but about being the kind of men the Bible describes. We are using Robert Harkrider’s book “I Sought For A Man.” It is, of course, Biblical, and it teaches the responsibilities of man as God created Him. Ten of these are Christians, and the others are searchers who have been studying with us for several years.

In Corrigan, I study with Curtis and then with Charlie on Fridays. They were both baptized. They probably won’t ever become leaders or teachers, but they bring joy to our group. I went door-knocking afterward and found a few people home and used the bulletin that we mail out as a door opener. But, there have been no takers when asking them for a home study. But they know where we are and that we have an interest in them. We just keep sowing the seed and the Lord will bring the growth.

Now that I study with 15 at the prison, I won’t be doing Correspondence courses with these men. That will free up some of my time. I have fallen behind in that area.

There have been 5 typhoons that have wiped out the food supply in the northern part of the Filipino islands. Rice, corn, bananas, etc. in some parts are totally gone. They are now really crying out for food. Just like the Jerusalem brethren, these and the Zimbabwe brethren seem to be the ones almost constantly in need. One preacher’s wife (Loli) has to cook under an umbrella because the tin roof over their stove is so leaky. Another preacher and his wife (Jimmy and Eden) have to spend a day cleaning out the water after every rain. They just don’t have the money to fix the damage that the typhoon caused years ago. But these feel blessed because they have homes, whereas some brethren are still living in tents after earthquakes destroyed their villages three years ago. This way of giving is much better than any Red Cross or other human benevolence Company. 100% of what you give goes to the ones in need, and it goes to brethren. Please give when you can!

Thank you so much, my beloved brethren, for standing with me in sharing the gospel with others and encouraging the saints here in Corrigan. My needs are fully supplied. Let’s pray that the Lord of Harvest sends for reapers and pray for open doors.

In Him who saves, Robert Raif

(Read on for more information on the benevolent work to those overseas.)

Here is the aid sent out for September. Over $5500 was sent. Some is for support of preachers. Most of these men are out almost every day teaching house to house and often baptizing - - sometimes 1, sometimes 4, and sometimes in the teens at one gospel meeting. They need money for their house, food for the family, and petrol to go and spread the truth. The first number is the benevolence, and the second number is for the preachers’ support.

600 300 Kudakwashe Bangure. 200 400 Brighton Makurudza.

500 300 Kule Bisathu

200 300 John Ositu.


100 200 500 300 100 500 400 500 0 400 0 200 0 150 200 0

Glenn Fiesta.

Manny Pader.
Simeon Vargas.
Jimmy Domingo.
Rosendo Gumpad.
Andy M Dappas.
Felipe Jr Tan Tula.
Zurdan & Fe Baliog. The family of 3 were down for 8 weeks with the Monkey


300 200 Jose Ruiz.
120 0 Paulita Lopez. She has lingering medical needs from Covid damage.