Evangelists' Updates

Evangelists' Updates

“Stefano Corozza Report November 2022”

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Stefano & Antonella Corazza                            

via Pio Rajna, 24

00124 Rome (Italy)

Phone: (+39) 328-3926689

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Rome, November 9, 2022

Dear brothers in Him,

my wife Antonella and I hope to find all of you in good health and enjoying the wonderful God’s blessings.  We would like once again to share with you all our sincere feeling of thankfulness for the opportunity given us to preach the gospel also in a city as Rome, the actual and evident expression of modern paganism masked by “Christianity”.  Despise all this, we’re trying to do our best in reaching as many as possible to the Lord, announcing His Truth in all boldness and honesty.  Your support and patient fellowship are making those efforts possible.


PERSONAL NEWS.   I’ll try to update you about my recent heart test.  Monday November 7th, I went into hospital to have a coronographic check, as I wrote you in the October report.  Some values in my blood tests evidenced a couple of obstruction in two arteries, so I had a TAC to the heart which confirmed the diagnosis.  However, the coronographic test set the problem at 30%, and not at 60% according to the TAC.  So, the doctor did not set any stent or else: according to the test I’m fine; I only must take my cholesterol level down to solve the problem, or at least to contain it.  After a night in the hospital, I went back home, ready to catch back my normal life and activities.

The COVID situation in our Country is still creating some problems and worries but in general everything seems to be going OK.  Nobody talks about pandemic times anymore.  However, we are still trying to use the necessary safety rules.

Our daughter Valeria and her family are doing fine.  Our grandchildren (Alessandro 8 years, Alice 6, Samuele 3) are doing fine. They are busy with their academic and sport activities. They are a true joy for my wife and I.

Our son Paolo is also doing well with his new job location in Milan. He also is really busy with EasyJet flights but in a couple of weeks he will have some days off from work so he will come down to spend some days in Rome.

LOCAL PREACHING ACTIVITY.  Our local preaching activity is keeping on fine.  We’re busy to realize our teaching and preaching programs, and all is going according to our plans. We still have some brethren that, due to age, physical problems, or personal choices, are following our services and studies through Zoom. We hope to be soon all together again, to personally live our spiritual fellowship.

I’m still working each week on my personal Bible studies program with Gianluca, Maurizio, Michel, Luca, Clelia, Paoliana. I just started to study also with Pierpaolo Papini, a new member of our congregation.  I think that is an important work in preparing young generations to stand for Truth.

We have new visitors and members, joining us.  Amedeo Fiorilli become member among us.  Grazia, Gionathan (a young son of our member Jaqueline) and his girlfriend Helena (from Colombia) are attending to our Sunday worship showing with great attention. I should soon start a personally weekly study with all three of them.

For work reasons, one of our young ones, Michel, was moved temporarily (at least one month, but maybe three) to Lion, France. He’s trying to follow us through Zoom.

I’m also trying to organize the children’s Bible classes, training the young members to be involved in the regular teaching, under my wife’s supervision. In different ages, we have 9 young ones to distribute in different class age.

On Thursday evening, I am still teaching the James letter, while on Sunday, after worship, I’m still commenting the gospel of Mark; at the end of it, I’ll start teaching from the book of Hebrews.

Our general attendance is around 42 (including those brethren that join us from home through Zoom).

From Nov. 13 to 20th, we will have the joy to see again David Thomley, a close friend of our work. He will preach for us Thursday evening and Sunday.  I’m really glad to share again with him our common fellowship in the preaching.



October 9, h. 10 AM: “Death and Life (2 Corinthians 4:1-15)”

October 16, h. 10 AM: “The rich fool (Luke 12:13-21)”

October 23, h. 10 AM: “Psalm 115: spirituality on earth”

October 30, h. 10 AM: “Taking the right decisions (John 6:67-68)”


VISITORS FROM OTHER CHURCHES.  We had the joy to meet some brethren coming from US churches, and a couple from Chile.  Loren & Suzanne Parker (Blain, WA); Kurt & Nancy Lindsay (Tucson, AZ); Damaris Rojas Vengara & Hno Cesar Morales (Puente Alto, CHILE).  We thank those brethren for their encouraging visit.

Thanks again for your trust and patient fellowship in this work.  All the brethren in Rome salute you and send their best love and greetings.

Antonella, Valeria and Paolo send their good wishes.  God may continue to bless us in His Kingdom.  Be safe and stay well in Him.

“They of Italy salute you”.

Stefano Corazza