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Evangelists' Updates

“Joe Hamm May 2023 Report”

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Christ’s church Hamilton, AL


Serving Christ In Surprising Ways

When I moved away from home at age 18, I never thought I’d live here again. In fact, I tried to get as far away as I could. I’ve been blessed to work all over the country and travel the world. However, in God’s providence, He brought me back home to care for my family and help with the Lord’s work in a small city along the interstate in Northwest Alabama. Perhaps some of you can identify with my own experience. Most of us have found ourselves serving Christ in some surprising way. Wherever the Lord’s providence may lead us, we must learn to bloom where we’re planted. At times, there will be opportunities to serve Christ that will conflict with our own dreams. We will be forced to choose between serving ourselves and serving the Lord. And yet surprisingly, we will find a greater joy and purpose in serving the Lord. Serving Christ is not merely attending worship or promoting the right doctrine. In addition, it involves actual daily service...gladly submitting and serving Christ through those sudden and unplanned opportunities presented

May 2023

every day. These opportunities are sometimes neglected because we are too busy serving Christ in our own way, according to our own desires, or in a way that is more convenient or attractive to us.

Being A Light & A Blessing

I’ve been praying that God may use our family to be a light and a blessing to those around us. Let me state the obvious. As a large family, we attract a LOT of attention wherever we go. In fact, we cannot go anywhere without someone commenting on the size of our family or the fact that we have all girls. But we don’t want to be just a spectacle. I pray that God may use our marriage and family to model something special to the world. After all, our marriages should be a reflection of Christ and His church. This is something that all married Christians should consider at every stage of their marriage. How well is our family representing and reflecting God’s truths? May God help us be a blessing to others through not only our teaching, but also our lifestyle, hospitality and generosity.


~ Joe Hamm ~

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Gospel Meeting

We recently organized our first meeting in the new meeting space with various preachers speaking from the surrounding area. The event was well attended each night from brethren in the nearby counties and towns. We also had some local visitors. We were all greatly encouraged by the visitors and the wonderful lessons presented.

Preaching The Gospel From Genesis

I recently finished preaching a series of sermons through the book of Genesis focused on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I never ceased to be amazed how every Bible story, in fact, all of world history in some way points to Christ. After all, all things were created by him, and for him. (Col. 1:16). All of the worlds problems both collectively and individually can be traced back to Genesis. We have all turned aside to sin and rejected our Creator. We have turned our back on our origin story, Genesis. And yet, God in his grace prepared a way to bring us back to Paradise through the Gospel. I’m concerned that some stress the discontinuity between the testaments so much that we fail to see the wonderful continuity in God’s promises and fulfillment through the overarching story of redemptive history.

Member Spotlight - Helen Tidwell

Our dear sister Helen Tidwell has become like a mother to us and a grandmother to our children. She is our Tabitha (Acts 9:36-42) because this woman is full of good works. And boy, is she a worker! She cooks meals for the sick, goes above and beyond taking care of her extended family, makes dresses for our girls, opens her home to both friends and strangers, and is always prepared to care for the needs of others.

Prayer Requests

I’m thankful for your interest and confidence in our work for the Lord. Your encouragement means more than you may realize. Please pray that we will continue to be faithful through every trial both great and small. May the Lord give us knowledge and wisdom as we raise our children to serve Him. May we be a blessing to this local church. May the Lord help us be a light and blessing to our community. And May those who are seeking Jesus Christ see Him living in us.

Joe Hamm

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~ Joe Hamm ~