Evangelists' Updates

Evangelists' Updates

“Stefano Corazza May 2023 Report”

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Stefano & Antonella Corazza                            

via Pio Rajna, 24

00124 Rome (Italy)

Phone: (+39) 328-3926689

Email: [email protected]

Bible Web Page: www.chiesadicristoroma.net



Rome, May 13, 2023

Dear brethren in the Lord,

my wife Antonella and I hope to find all of you doing fine in every blessing.  We’d like to express again all our deep thankfulness for all that you’re doing in our behalf, giving us the opportunity to preach the gospel also in Rome.  Our social and religious context make very difficult our preaching efforts but we’re striving in all we can to bring as many as possible to Bible conversion.  Without your trust and fellowship, this would be very difficult to realize.


PERSONAL NEWS.  We’re doing fine.  In a couple of days I would be turning 70 years old, and thank God for all His blessing along these years.  In the last 43 years I had the privilege to preach the gospel in different places of this Country and this gave a good sense to those years gone.

Our daughter Valeria and her family are also doing well.  Our three grandchildren (Alessandro 8 1/2 years, Alice 7, Samuele 3 1/2) are doing just fine, but growing too fast.  Though, we enjoyed observing their growth, and try to help daily Valeria with them as much as possible.

Our son Paolo is also doing fine.  He’s really busy in his flight assistant job at Milan for the Easyjet Aircraft Company.   Tourism here reached the numbers of before Covid, and even more and so the flight business is at its top.   We hope to see him soon, during his days off.

LOCAL PREACHING ACTIVITY.  Our local preaching efforts are going well.   We are working in realizing the initiatives decided together, especially toward the gospel meeting of October 7 and 8.  The topic probably will be “Simply Christians: it’s possible”. A sort of invitation to get out of denominationalism world and ideas. I already reserved advertising spots in several location of the city (major squares, avenues, quarters), covering the 30% of the total expense.

We’re also working on the children and young’s classes, realizing good and new material to get the necessary attention and involvement in the Bible studies.

We had another baptism. An old lady, Rosa, born in Rome but living from many years in Washington State, being American citizen.  Since some time, every year she comes back to Rome and attends to our meetings. Recently I studied with her trying to know more about her conversion and found out that she was baptized in a Baptist Church close to her home. So, we talked and talked about it, and finally she decided to get right before God, not being sure anymore about many things related to baptism’s teaching received.  It’s been a wonderful example of humbleness and love for Truth. We’re very happy for her.  If any of you know of good churches in that area, please, send me a note with addresses and people to contact.  In June or July Rosa should be going back to Washington and wants to find a sound congregation to attend.

I’m always deeply involved in my weekly personal Bible studies program with Maurizio, Michel, Luca, Clelia, Paoliana, Pierpaolo, Amedeo, and Grazia (the new baptized one).

Our brother Michel is now back to Rome and ready to be with us in doing the local work.  I have great expectative on him for the future of this work.

On Thursday evening, I finished the comments to 2nd Peter and started the teaching of 1st John. On Sunday, after the worship, I’m still teaching from the book of Hebrews, an important starting point to understand the substantial differences between Old and New Testament.

Our general attendance runs around 45 (including those brethren that still join us from home through Zoom).




April 15, h. 10 AM: “Local Church: harmonious and functional body”

April 23, h. 10 AM: “Local Church: individual responsibilities”

April 30, h. 10 AM: “Local Church: trusting in N.T. pattern”

May 7, h. 10 AM: Preaching of brother Amedeo on “Jesus’ washing  of Apostles’ feet”



With Maurizio > each Monday h. 2.30 PM: “Minor prophets”.

With Clelia > each Saturday h. 12 AM: “The gospel of Luke”.

With Luca > each Tuesday h. 7 PM: “Isaiah”

With Michel > each Friday h. 6 PM: “Work of the preacher”

With Grazia > each Wednesday h. 6 PM: “The gospel of Luke”

With Paoliana > each Thursday h. 6 PM: “Gospel of John”

With Pierpaolo > each Thursday h. 12 AM: “How we get the New Testament”

With Amedeo > each Monday h. 8.30 PM: “Old Testament Survey”


Thanks again for your patient fellowship in this work.  All the brethren in Rome salute you and send their best love and greetings.

Antonella, Valeria and Paolo send their good wishes.  God may continue to bless us in His Kingdom.

Be safe and stay well in Him.

“They of Italy salute you”.

Stefano Corazza