Evangelists' Updates

Evangelists' Updates

“Robert Raif April 2023 Report”

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Greetings brothers and sisters! I hope you are all well, especially well in your souls.

Sam Brown is doing fine. He got a job in construction and is still living with his cousin, but he hopes to get out on his own soon. Most importantly, he is doing great spiritually. He will be on parole te rest of his life since he had a life sentence, but he is outside! Eric got out about 7 years ago and likewise is doing fine. He fills in for the preacher there in Bay City when needed. He has another 1 1⁄2 years on parole and then wants to support himself with money he put aside when he was working in the oil fields and just preach and teach the gospel. Esteban likewise is doing well spiritually in College Station. Spike got out 6 years ago and John about 2 years ago. Both of them were doing fine in the Lord, but both have died since then. All of these were converted while at the Estelle unit. Only one of these men went astray after a few months.

The prison system moved some of my guys away, and three others have been given different jobs so they cannot attend our class. I have only 7 in my class now, and they are very intent on following the truth. I need to round up 8 more to fill up my class, so please pray for open doors in this respect!

John and Deborah moved to Corrigan from California. He got our bulletin and came to worship. I had a study with him and he was baptized. I am continuing the studies with them, hoping she will soon obey the truth also. Pray for them.

Concerning the Bible Correspondence courses with the prisoners, I hope to soon turn this over to Nick Krumrie who has shown an interest in the prison work. It is one of the irons in the fire that I am not doing justice to.

Brethren, I thank you so much for being coworkers with me in spreading the truth here in Corrigan and the prisons. Always pray for open doors, both here and where you are. Paul teaches us to do so, and he also teaches us that the Lord DOES open doors! Pray that I (and all preachers) may speak boldly (Col 4:2-4).

In Him who saves, Robert Raif

(Read on for more information on the benevolent work to those overseas.)

The following is the aid sent out for April. $6600 was sent. Some aid is for the support of preachers who sacrifice so much. The fields are SO white with harvest! Sometimes they have to walk miles to a place where there is enough water to baptize. They cross rivers and mountains to get to a village and will have 30 people come out to hear the gospel. Sometimes they have to dig a hole and let the water seep into it to baptize. They need petrol for their motorbikes to go and spread the truth. The first number is the benevolence amount to faithful Christians, and the second number is for the preachers’ support. They also need Bibles and songbooks. One church has only two songbooks and only 1 Bible per 3 brethren.

Benevolence Support

page2image33362400 page2image33365520

700 300 300 300

500 300

200 200

100 200 100 300 300 500 300 400 100 300 100 100 100 100 200 0

300 200 150 0

Kudakwashe Bangure. (Four congregations.) Brighton Makurudza.

Kule Bisathu

John Ositu.

Glenn Fiesta.

Manny Pader.
Simeon Vargas. (500 is for medicine) Jimmy Domingo.
Rosendo Gumpad.
Andy M Dappas.
Felipe Jr Tan Tula.
Zurdan & Fe Baliog.

Jose Ruiz. Paulita Lopez.

I think with recent inflation, $10 will feed one individual for the month in Zimbabwe. If you want to personally support a preacher with $100 each month, that would be a great help. I could put you into contact with any number of men on FB messenger or email. You can hear from them daily and see their work.

If you want to help, you can send the money to me and I will send it on, or you can send it directly to them through Moneygram or Western Union or other methods using your computer. If you want to send a large amount and want a tax deduction, you can send it to Ron Halbrook, because he has a non-profit benevolent fund.