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Evangelists' Updates

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Nestor Sanchez June 2022 Report

Sunday, August 14, 2022


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July 9, 2022.

Dear Brethren in the College Station church of Christ.

Here I send you the inform about our work in the Lord’s things that you and I are doing in this side of the world. Please, let me know if you have received well it.

MY WORK HERE IN PAN DE AZUCAR, COQUIMBO, CHILE:I continue sharing the gospel with our neighborhood. We meet here some time 29 or more people on Sundays. We have two visitors: Amparo Morales 17 years old, Nayely Ito Alanguía and now come back to meet with us miss Antonella (20 years old).

On Sunday I present one Biblical lesson and one sermon. On Thursday I present one Biblical study to the congregation. In these moments we are studying the Ephesians book. We are in chapter 5 of this book.

Six members left the local church because they were to live in other city and now, they are persevering in the local churches of that cities.

From here I have several preaching by Internet with people of different places like, Argentina, Perú, Colombia, México, Ecuador, Portugal Cuba; Guatemala; Nicaragua and Chile. Like a consequence of this work, several people have known the Lord’s word and have decided to obey in the commandment of the baptism in other countries.


On Monday and Tuesday, I have bible study with some brethren in Mendoza and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Right now, we are studying the First Peter Book. Right now, we are in the chapter one and verso 21.

Also, I received some invitations to preach in different platforms of other churches of Christ. This have been on weekdays and on Sundays. In the last month I have preached in the platform of the Church of Christ in La Florida, Santiago de Chile (in four opportunities), Turbaco in Colombia, and in Cali in Colombia, Also I have been invited three times to preach in the church of Christ in Ambato, Ecuador.

On the other hand, I receive petitions of some people that need that I send Biblical studies to present personal lessons to other people,

How you can see, I have not one day free, but I am very happy, because this is the best of the best work in the world. I am working for my Lord and God Jesus Christ.


In my platforms of Zoom, Facebook, and YouTube, Google Meet, every Sunday I transmit one bible study that preach brother Mario Arellano, from Caracas. These studies go out at four O’clock p. m. In the beginning only six people were in the study, but now this number has go growing and in the last Sundays sometimes we have had until 28 people. Mario Arellano is preacher in Chacaito, in Caracas, Venezuela. In these studies, we meet brethren from different countries such as, England, México, Chile, Venezuela, Panamá, Nicaragua, Argentina.

Romans 10:15; says: “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, who bring glad tidings of good things!”


I have thirteen months working with my platform “¿What does the divine answer says?” Romans 11:4). Also, I have a Facebook and a YouTube channel. In these platforms I have more than one hundred and fifty videos with different preachers that I invite to present themes of the bible. In these platforms I have hundreds of followers that like of Biblical themes.

I am working from Monday to Friday. On Saturday we present Biblical class to the young people.

By messenger I have more than seven hundred people to whom I send video of the Lord’s things every day. Many of them share these videos with another contacts. Many people in Cuba have benefited from this system to receive biblical teaching through these videos.

Every day I am receiving petitions and consult of Biblical themes, in my computer or telephone by WhatsApp, e-mail, or messenger. I dedicate time to answer all this questions and maintain the contacts.


On June 14 I initiated my trip of preaching to Cuba, and it finished on June 29. During this period, I traveled together brother Eddie Paden who is an elder in the Elizabeth Town church of Christ in Kentucky. To continuation I inform you the result of this work for the Lord.

As a resulted of the work in the Lord`s things preached in Holguín and in Moa we have had four baptisms during this trip to Cuba.

In Moa I baptized to Adriano Matos sixteen years old. He was studying with the church there and when we were visiting there (brother Eddie Paden and I) he decided to be baptized. Obviously, we courage him to obey the Lord’s in the commandment of the baptism. This baptism was on June 22; 2022.

Then when we were preaching in Holguín I was preaching to one young couple and here are their names:  the name of he is: Lazaro Lalana (he is 30 years old); and the name of she is: Xiomara Coello 25 years old. When they listened the bible study that I presented them, they decided to obey in the commandment of the baptism. Then I baptized them immediately. It was on June 23, 2002.

Then there was a young couple that she is a Christian, but he was not a Christian yet. His name is Alejandro Góngora Doallo, he is thirty years old. Brother Eddie Paden presented them one bible lesson in English (because they both speak English, too), and he decided to obey to the Lord in the commandment of the baptism. This time was our brother Eddie Paden who baptized him. It was on June 24, 2022.

Also, we visited and preached in the churches of Christ in Sagua de Tánamo and in Banes. We have had to do larges trips and many hours in buses and cars of very old and in bad conditions to get arrive to different places to preach the Lord’s word. Sometimes we traveled sixteen and fifteen hours by bus and in very bad conditions, too. The transport in Cuba is very bad and is hard to get it. Other problem that we had to infront was the place in the hotels to get rooms. We couldn’t travel to visit and preach in the churches of Christ in Santiago de Cuba, Palma Soriano, El Cobre and Quemado de Güines in Villa Clara because we couldn’t get hotel rooms. But we used the time preaching to the churches in the province of Holguín.


Now we (Eddie, you and I) are working in the Lord’s things here in Perú, In the next report I will tell you about the resulted of our (your and we) work for the Lord in this country.

Well brethren; I hope that this inform encourage you to continue working with me in the Lord’s things in this year 2022.

Please, maintain this work and your server in your prayers. Don’t forget that in all this work you have a very good part, too.

Sincerely in Him.

Nestor F. Sanchez