About our congregation

About our congregation

When you consider a group of people who seek to worship and serve the God of creation, what should you expect to find?

Because God is eternal and all-powerful, full of love and perfectly just, He is our complete authority in the way we seek to please Him. What He wants is what we want.

We study the Bible to learn about Him– the things that please Him and the things that He rejects – how He wants to be honored in worship and how He wants His children to conduct their lives. We offer Bible classes for all ages on the Lord’s Day as well as a mid-week schedule and encourage all who attend to come with an open mind for God’s truth.

Our worship seeks to follow the example and teaching of scripture, noticing what was known of the first-century church as it was taught by men guided by the Holy Spirit of God. We are careful that our worship and relation to Him is not determined by man’s imagination, but by what His word has indicated is acceptable and good. Our personal relationships – as we are brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ – are guided by those same teachings. We are always aware that we are not perfect people, but we strive to serve God with the best of our abilities and opportunities.

Our worship is characterized by a capella singing, as we can determine was the practice of the church in the first century. We partake as a group of the communion of the Lord’s Supper each first day of the week. And we typically have a message from God’s word presented to the congregation from our regular evangelist.

We appreciate the understanding of first-century churches as autonomous groups before God, so we are not governed by or accountable to any larger organization. We are responsible for our own decisions for conducting our worship, Bible study, and activities. In that regard, we seek to conduct ourselves before God in a decent and orderly manner, with energetic exultation where appropriate and having proper solemn regard for our accountability before a holy God, and the eternal significance of the life and sacrificial death of Jesus Christ. Our aim is to be a group of faithful followers of Jesus Christ. We will teach and preach the Lord’s will as set forth in the word of God. We will avoid and oppose the religious innovations of men. We will seek to grow in spiritual strength and wisdom, in love and compassion, and to be used by God for His glory and for the salvation of all who are seeking Him. We dedicate ourselves to this purpose and invite to join us before God all who share these values.