Ricky Shanks December 2022 Report

Report from “Ricky” William Shanks in Gainesville GA
4565 Persian Trail; Gainesville, GA 30507; Phones: 843-569-8729-Home; 843-725-9283-Cell

Website: AnswersFromTheBible.ORG - Dial A Bible Study: 770-835-4000 (Ext. 3 for Spanish.) Gainesville church of Christ ( 2815 Wallace Rd. Gainesville GA 30507 meeting location.

November 2022

We rejoice in a contact Brownie made over a year ago recently started coming to worship. After he had a few studies Courtney she was added to Christ this month. She is excited has continued to grow in that we have started flock involvement to help nurture her to maturity. We hope to have her enfolded with 7 new spiritual family mentors in the flock as quick as possible. All looks good for her continued growth in service to God.

Another soul was added to Christ from the Spanish community. We
are surrounded by a large population of Spanish around the meeting
house. We have needed an effort like this to reach out to them. The
good news is Bill Perkins is moving to this area to do that. He is Greg
Perkins oldest son and is also fluid in Spanish. That will be in full
swing, we hope, at the first of the year. He is seeking support and housing at present. We will do all we can to encourage and help sow seed with their efforts.

Studies at UNG have diminished with the weather not cooperating to be outside. The last one I was able to have, ended up with 4 good bible studies.

There was another older student who sat down with me who said she had a young child who was trans child with mental disorders. She did not know what to do and she is majoring in school to get degree as a counselor in this field of sexual disorders. She admitted she too is very disturbed and rejects all spiritual and bible related advice. As I opened the Bible to deal with what she expressed, she got up and left saying, “she just wanted to vent.” Brethren, beware. Listen to God about this from Psalm 1:1. Do not walk in the counsel of the ungodly. It seems like misery wants as much company as they can create. With our world getting darker it is feeding off each other and going darker still. Nevertheless, there are those who see the insanity of it all and are seeking Godly advice. My constant prayer is that God will lead me to those who are waking up to stop the downward death spiral. Even with the weather hinderances I am able to meet with some of the students by appointment in the student center.

The flock is doing well. We had another saint added to the flock this month. With the holiday interruption things have not been fruitful as usual. But peace reigns with the flock.

May the Lord of the harvest bring much fruit to you and our rejoicing may continue over many souls to be snatched out of the darkness.


Courtney’s joy being baptized into Christ

To His glory, Ricky